愛する「J」apanと「T」hailand両国のために何かをしたいという気持ちで立ち上げたのがこのJTbiz (ジェティビズ)。タイ、バンコクを拠点に、全タイのネットワークと10年の経験と実績を元に、メディアや辞書制作や通訳兼コーディネーター業務などを手がけています。ジェティビズが運営するメディアをフル活用して宣伝することは勿論、タイでの、自動車業界、スポーツ業界、さらには雑誌取材、カタログ、広告、ウェブ、写真集などを企画 されている クライアント様のニーズに、敏速に対応いたします。



ダウンロード J-Doradic



“Thai-Japanese Dict Application highly popular of the year 2015 ONe of the most admitted dict application..”

– Find vocabulary Thai – Japan – Thai Rōmaji – Japan. Japan – Rōmaji
– Can be used to search and display for Thai – Japan – has Rōmaji.
– Long sentences by translating the language, Thai – Japanese – English (like Google Translate).
– Can pronounce Thai – Japan – English.
– Be able to see the database of all entries of the dictionary. (I understand that in Thailand the first time that someone has let the vocabulary all its own, where people can see it all for free).

Feature that allows people to study Japanese language up.
– Can hit save vocabulary itself.
– To create a folder, to save vocabulary own.
– You can set a reminder to show a saved words remind us. (To be vividly remember the word up).
– You can set a reminder to vocabulary random show. (To be vividly remember the word up).
– Time can be set to show in terms of time, we want to have. (Which I used this study was so successful it is to remember the words before bed and after waking up).
– You can set the number of words you want to set the alarm.